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Xavier Nelson

Xavier explains that he wanted to create atmospheres that could be listened to with varying degrees of attention. He superimposes voices, piano, loops, and unusual objects. The result, which is as easy to ignore as it is interesting, has had a major influence on his life as an artist.  

Xavier Kaeser - Drums, electronics, piano

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FrisbiXavier Nelson
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Mixing inspirations of modern jazz, traditional or hiphop, OKWOK proposes a musical and cultural diversity in the image of today's jazz. The trio was born from a jam between friends to become an active project in constant evolution. The three young Swiss musicians, all graduates of the Bern Jazz Academy, share the same interests and musical influences.


Daniel Hernandez - Piano

Loïc Baillod - Doublebass

Xavier Kaeser - Drums

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See You AbroadOKWOK
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Kalk/Baillod/Kaeser trio, made up of musicians studying in Bern, Switzerland. The ensemble is inspired by Jim Black, Petter Eldh, Christian Lillinger, Frank Möbus and others. The trio's music is largely a collaborative effort, with the main emphasis on experimenting with different rhythm games and timbres. The ensemble engages the audience with its energy and does not offer simple solutions, but invites the listener to actively live with the music. Together, they create a diverse soundscape that pushes boundaries and lets the music run free.

Anna Kalk - Guitar

Loïc Baillod - Doublebass

Xavier Kaeser - Drums



Based in Bern, FUSOOSH! is a band with six different mother tongues, overflowing energy and a shared passion for groove. This well-oiled groove machine mixes influences from jazz, funk and hip-hop and the result is innovative music that you can’t help but dance to. The musicians, identifiable by their blue overalls, are:


Elori Baume - Saxophone
Pere Molines - Trombone
Julien Ehrensperger - Guitar
Daniel Hernandez - Keys
Ulysse Loup - Bass
Xavier Kaeser - Drums

Im Nu

A fragile sound between acoustic and electronic timbres, melodies that fade away and noises that contradict each other. The search for a silence in the distance as well as the opportunity to relax in a moment.

Philippe Vögeli - Guitar

Paul Butscher - Trumpet

Xavier Kaeser - Drums

*Material to come really soon!

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